Custom Content

Bring Your Fantasy To Life

If you are interested in ordering custom content, 

please email 

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Write your dream scenario for Mindi to recreate. 

Provide details and special requests that you wish to see come to life in your video.


"This was SO much more intimate than I could have ever anticipated. Even though you don’t know me personally, in just five minutes of that audio, it’s like you’ve known me forever. I love that! Custom content should feel personal, and you gave it the perfect touch.

Quality was great, you sound amazing, and you gave me everything I asked for!"

Custom Audio

"This might be your best! Starts off in high gear and doesn’t let up. The playful way you fell into the bed is a fantasy all itself!

Just amazing"

Taboo Custom

"Mindi, just watched the clip and it is beyond brilliant! That was an incredible performance (as usual)! I knew there was no way I could go wrong by coming to you.

Thanks a lot for your time & for taking my request. I really appreciate it :)"

Stepmom Custom